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Wi-Fi Markers – the Creation of Mini-Monoliths

Stone. Marble. Concrete. All solid, durable materials used to display public decrees and political messages conveying a sense of authority and power. Consider the Trajan column in Rome, erected to commemorate the Roman emperor’s victory. The craftsmanship of carefully carved letter forms, prominent placement in the city and the impermeable material all reinforce that this […]

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ON Parking

This could be read as ON PARKING depending on where you are standing. When I saw this freshly painted sign it took a minute to register that there was something wrong with it. This is a good example of how repetition of material, placement and message can create a symbol that is understood without reading […]

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Home Baked Letter Goodness

I have been thinking about how to get the text impression into the concrete posts that I will make for my independant project. First I was looking at the alphabet fridge magnet collection. However the counter spaces are a little too tight for pressing into concrete and I would like more control over the final […]

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Theory Thoughts

I saw a video where they brought invisible Wi-Fi networks to life with a form of light painting created from walking along with a light bar that would turn more lights on as the signal increased. The effect was a light-fence that would peak and recede. This image of this light-fence got me thinking “this looks so […]

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Are You Paying Attention?

This is a sign as you leave the Burrard SkyTrain Station. I wonder how many people would notice if I were somehow able to swap out the signs and carefully kept the look the same.

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So Much Tension, the Final Chapter

After some carefully timed hammering and muttered apologies to my condo neighbours I am happy to say I have finished my hierarchy word-drawer project. At the grand reveal on presentation day my classmates interacted with the piece in the way that I had hoped. Each “word-drawer” has a different level of tension applied to it. […]

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Back to the Hardware Store – Prototype Refinement

After the first attempt at my hierarchy project prototype and some constructive feedback from my classmates I concluded that my design could use few tweeks. Originally I was focused on creating a noticeable variation in tension. Now that this has been achieved the next puzzle is how to present and display this piece. Originally each […]

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Hierarchy Study

One idea for my hierarchy project revolved around volume, or the idea of mass. Something like sea anemones that expand to eat and contract to protect themselves from predators. Of course I can not collect and tattoo a small colony of sea anemones. An alternative approach would be to fill up balloons with different volumes of air, […]